Astrology Workshop and Nature Walk - Sagittarius season

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Experiential Astrology Workshop and Nature Walk following the Sagittarius figure in the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Saturday, 4th of December

“Zodiac Walks to Voice the Land” is a series of twelve experiential workshops and nature adventures held every month, in the Somerset landscape.

In the morning experiential workshop, you will receive astrological insight and we will together explore the Sagittarius zodiacal sign through a variety of embodied practices like creative play, drama, art, breathing exercises and movement and through ritual and ceremony.

In the afternoon, we embark on a beautiful, interactive nature walk, connecting with the elements and continuing our exploration of the Sagittarius sign in the Glastonbury landscape.

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Come and be part of a transformational journey attuned to Nature’s seasons and the celestial dance.

Did you know?

Your participation includes a £5 donation towards the Wild Music Project, an educational programme offering group Environmental Music sessions for young people experiencing poor mental health, organized by Hallr Wood & Wild Roots Project together with Sweet Track Counselling and the Nature Assisted Therapy Project, here in Somerset. We have raised over £200 already and the children are playing their new instruments.

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