Art Exhibition, by Leanne Carpenter (Ta’Iki Anawa) and Michiel Kroon

Glastonbury Galleries, 10a High Street, Glastonbury
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Welcome to our exhibition space in which you can receive nurturing and multidimensional energies!

You might remember us from past years in which we exhibited our art from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck.

This year’s art reflects the beautiful Elven energies that have been blessing our lives. It has all been more Inner Earthy and Elemental, with the 5D New Earth and thinning veils bringing new medicine for us all.

The canvasses in the room are all for sale, and we have many related products available. You can buy mounted prints and greetings cards with exhibition art.

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is available, and special editions of essential oil spray from PipEssence.

There is also a workshop with channelled energy and messages from angelic and cosmic light family. To sign up, please visit

The exhibition room at Glastonbury Galleries will be open from Saturday August 7 until Monday August 16.

We ask that bought canvasses be picked up after the 16th, but recognise this isn’t possible for everyone, so we recommend coming early if you want a wide selection.

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