Fundraising starts for the first Glastonbury Pride Parade

  Posted: 16.09.20 at 16:14 by Tim Lethaby

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Plans are being put in place for the first Pride Parade to ever be held in Glastonbury.

Fundraising has now begun in a bid to make the parade a reality, and the hope is that it will take place in 2021, when social distancing and coronavirus restrictions are eased.

The idea for the parade came after some transphobic material was shared around Glastonbury, and a group of organisers got together to recreate Pride Parades similar to those that have been held in Yeovil and Bristol.

One of the organisers, Stephen Stevie Cole, told Glastonbury Nub News: "We'd love to make something happen that everyone in town can contribute to or get involved with, from churches to schools to local performers.

"Glastonbury is a town famous for it's Everyone's Welcome, Be Yourself attitude, so we want to give our vibrant and vivacious LGBTQIA+ community their very first Pride Parade in 2021.

"All other kinds of community events brighten the town for tourists all year round, but transphobia and homophobia are still very real here. When we can hold large public gatherings again, we want to show ourselves in style.

"A public parade, concerts by local artists, events for schools, fundraising for LGBTQIA+ charities, are just some of the things we want to achieve, and can achieve, with our brave and beautiful LGBTQIA+ community - gay, trans, genderfluid, demisexual, everyone - all coming together."

To help raise funds for the event, you can visit the Glastonbury Pride Parade fundraiser donations page here.

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