Communities Secretary to visit Glastonbury to hear how potential £25 million should be spent

  Posted: 09.01.20 at 10:05 by Tim Lethaby

The government's Communities Secretary will be visiting Glastonbury to hear from residents how the potential £25 million Town Fund should be spent.

In the months ahead, the Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick MP will visit all of the 100 areas receiving up to £25 million funding each under the £3.6 billion Towns Fund, to set out the government’s ambition to restore the fabric of our towns and cities.

Glastonbury is among those 100 towns and Mr Jenrick says he hopes to give local people far more control in how they are invested in, and to hear directly from people in these communities on the specific support and investment they need.

He said: "People have put their trust in this new government and we’re making an immediate start to serve local communities and deliver real change, through our £3.6 billion Towns Fund.

"I will visit all these areas in the coming months and make sure they’re receiving the practical support and investment they need on the ground.

"To celebrate the achievements of our towns, we are launching a national Town of the Year competition.

"These plans will help make this decade a time of renewal for towns and communities, delivering on the Prime Minister’s bold agenda for the future."

A new expert-led advisory panel will also be convened to advise on how to revitalise towns over the next year.

The specialists, including entrepreneurs, will help shape government policy to support the growth agenda.

The exact date of Mr Jenrick's visit to Glastonbury has yet to be announced.

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