Glastonbury Town Deal projects formally confirmed to Government, bringing £23.6m investment nearer

  Posted: 06.09.21 at 11:57 by Tim Lethaby

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The confirmation paperwork for all 12 projects outlined in Glastonbury’s Town Investment Plan (TIP) has been formally submitted to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

This is the next step in a process that should bring £23.6 million of investment into the town.

The Glastonbury Town Deal Board agreed at the end of July to go ahead with all 12 projects detailed in the TIP.

Having submitted the formal confirmation paperwork, including additional draft financial and monitoring and evaluation information, the Town Deal Board and Mendip District Council will now focus on developing the detailed Business Cases as required by the Government.

In line with HM Treasury’s Green Book and Supplementary Guidance, a five-stage Business Case will be developed for each project, as well as an overarching Business Case for the whole programme.

This work will be undertaken over the next 10 months, with all Business Cases needing to be submitted to the MHCLG by June 28 2022. Funds will be released as and when the individual Business Cases have been approved.

As part of the Business Case development process, the Town Deal Board and Mendip District Council will be holding a series of open day events for the local community over the coming months.

Although it is not possible to add new projects as the proposals have now been formally agreed, the detail within the individual projects is yet to be finalised.

As a result, the Board and Support Team for Glastonbury are keen to engage with the local community to gather opinions, comments and ideas relating to the projects outlined in the TIP before the Business Cases are completed.

Information about community-focused events will be published on the Glastonbury Town Deal website and social media pages.

Chair of the Town Deal Board, Robert Richards, said: “The Town Deal investment offers an amazing opportunity for Glastonbury.

"Now that the confirmation paperwork has been submitted, we can move on to the next stage of the process, working on the detail of the 12 projects in the TIP.

"We are looking forward to engaging with local residents and businesses about this over the coming months and are keen to make sure this once-in-a-generation investment delivers benefits for the Glastonbury community as a whole.”

Mayor of Glastonbury, Cllr Jon Cousins, said: “As Glastonbury’s Town Deal progresses and the Business Cases are built, this is the perfect time for our residents and businesses to contribute to the development of these brilliant projects, which will undoubtedly help Glastonbury – our community and this special place – to flourish.”

Leader of Mendip District Council, Cllr Ros Wyke, said: “The processes we have followed to date have been rigorous and in line with the requirements of Government in order to realise the potential of this major investment in Glastonbury.

"Now that the development of the Business Cases is underway, the Town Deal Board and Mendip District Council will be inviting the local community to learn more about the projects and influence the detail, ensuring this investment delivers the greatest potential for the whole town.”

The TIP was developed by the Town Deal Board through engagement with key partners, businesses, community groups and Mendip District Council as the lead authority.

It aims to deliver a necessary "levelling up" opportunity for the town, bringing existing assets back into community use, and working with local communities to develop the spaces and resources that they want and need.

The overall aim is for Glastonbury to be a sustainable, prosperous, modern town and global tourist centre, drawing on its rural landscape, history and unique legacy.

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Read the published TIP here:

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