Glastonbury firm Melhuish and Saunders builds new drainage system and toilets at Street school

  Posted: 13.09.21 at 14:18 by Tim Lethaby

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The Glastonbury building contractors Melhuish and Saunders have completed their work on the new drainage system and toilets at Brookside Academy in Street.

The works involved the construction of a new pump fouls system to replace the existing system and to resolve an existing issue with failing pumps and existing foul water drainage pipework across the old area of the academy.

The Wirral Park Road-based company also created three new toilet areas within the existing buildings for various classrooms.

Managing director Darryl Mitchard told Glastonbury Nub News: "I wanted to say well done to the team for the completion of the school's new drainage system and the creation of three new WCs, all completed within six weeks, ready for the new school year.

"Well done everyone for the great effort, and it is great that the school will now be able to enjoy a hassle free drainage system.

"The new drainage pump system services the new forestry school WCs, after-school club building, Elliot building and nursery.

The new facilities at Brookside Academy

"The pump main saw the creation of a new four-metre deep holding pump tank that pumps to the end of the drive towards the road and then turns right and connects to the existing mains in the grass area by the car park entrance.

"The new WCs were created in three separate locations within the academy - one in the Elliot building, one in room A0073 to create a larger boys' toilet and one in room A0113, which was the conversion of an existing office area.

"The flooring was replaced, and lighting altered to suit the new layout of the rooms along with a full redecoration."

For more details about the work undertaken by Melhuish and Saunders, you can visit the company's website here.

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