Folk artist Sara Vian to release special Glastonbury Festival 50th anniversary single

  Posted: 13.09.20 at 13:41 by Glastonbury Nub News

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Somerset singer/songwriter Sara Vian has announced the launch of her new single The Great Pause, which will be available to download and stream across all digital platforms from September 19 2020, the actual 50th anniversary of Glastonbury Festival.

The Glastonbury Festival was set up by the visionary Methodist farmer, Michael Eavis, and is famed for uniting music and art with a forum for debating environmental, social and moral issues.

However, thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the world - and Glastonbury - has been put on pause, inspiring Sara's ballad, which reflects on life in lockdown and acknowledges the long-term impact of the pandemic.

Furthermore, the single has been championed by a collective of music industry professionals known as The Sound Angels who are aiming to "find ways to fix the broken music industry” and have adopted the track as their premier single and anthem.

“From my point of view, the pandemic and the lockdown has given humanity time to pause, be still and reconsider its lifestyle choices," said Sara.

“Our song highlights the silver lining on the coronavirus cloud and I feel hopeful that Covid-19 will change the course of history in a positive way by awakening the nation’s spirit to the things that are really important in life like nature, community and creativity.

"I feel honoured that, as a musician, I have the platform to highlight social, moral and environmental matters so despite not having Glastonbury in its 50th glorious year, I hope that musicians will continue to move their music and debates online so that the spirit of Glastonbury and hope can live on – let’s keep on dreaming, keep on scheming, and keep faithful.”

Sara earned the title of “fastest-selling local indie artist” at Raves from the Grave in Frome with the release of her debut EP and has performed with Peewee Ellis and Gypi Mayo (Dr Feelgood), supported Martha Tilston, founded the Frome Music Industry Network and is currently working with manager, Dean G Hill, to leverage music as a sustainable career in Artful Social Justice.

The Great Pause also features local musicians David Setterfield on acoustic guitar and Will Angeloro on bass, and was produced by Stephen Bentley of Resonant Wave Studios.

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