Glastonbury Shopping Adventures

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Wandering around Glastonbury town centre you will find an eclectic mix of small independent shops.

Quirky, friendly and full of wonder. With hidden arcades, galleries and an exciting mural trail.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating too as you shop 'til you drop and then revive with delicious homemade foods and drinks. Cafe's are starting to re-open now for takeaways... and sitting outside.

June 15 was the first day that non-essential shops, such as boutiques, could open after the Covid-19 lockdown and you will be delighted to know that, in Glastonbury, our shopkeepers are taking the re-opening very seriously when it comes to social distancing and providing hand sanitiser stations and many have kitted their shop out with perspex screen dividers to reassure customers and staff as they enjoy the unique shopping experience.

Many shops also have floor markings to remind customers of social distancing and have signage to let visitors know what procedures are in place.

As an experiment, Glastonbury Town Council has closed High Street and Magdalene Street to pedestrianise them and make the shopping adventure more pleasant while we are easing out of lockdown.

This makes social distancing easier, as some of the pavements in town are quite narrow and traffic through town can get quite busy... especially with buses driving close to the narrow pavements.

There is so much to see and do in Glastonbury town centre and you will have a memorable visit as you take in the vibrant atmosphere, people watch some incredible characters going about their day and experience all the pleasures that the independent shops have to offer.

Glastonbury shopkeepers look forward to welcoming you soon for your Glastonbury Shopping Adventures.

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