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I started Creative Leader EFT after a life-changing year of discovering how powerful using Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) could be.

I have had some amazing breakthroughs with my own challenges and have also helped lots of clients with theirs that they were unable to clear with other therapy techniques.

There are plenty of EFT resources and meditations available online, but they are no substitute for the human connection, and skilled guidance and support you get with an empathetic and accredited practitioner.

Our brains are so amazing, they can be reprogrammed using the right combination of techniques so that our emotional response to memories of past events or trauma can be reduced in intensity or reframed to something more positive and beneficial to our wellbeing.

EFT practitioners are trained to work in a safe and supportive manner, and use a range of methods that allow the client to safely work through emotional blocks at their own pace.

If you would like a consultation, either in person or by telephone or online, then please get in touch.

I am also available to speak to your school, group or business about the anxiety and stress releasing benefits of EFT. Book via the Facebook page, or email: [email protected]

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